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Final Fantasy Shinryu by DragoonMyuutsu Final Fantasy Shinryu by DragoonMyuutsu
One of two of the optional bosses found in Final Fantasy V. He has subsequently seen in later or ports of other Final Fantasy games. For this drawing I took his Dissidia appearance.

He has an extremely complex crystalized body structure; several times I found myself double checking if I drew him correctly. After finishing the pencil outline I used a fine liner to outline everything. Then I applied warm gray markers giving it a sepia type tone, but not quite as brown color. This took quite some time to complete. The background like my previous works was very difficult to develop, because the alcohol in the markers can very easily spill and ruin a lot in a mere second, the same precautions I was forced to take for my earlier gray marker art, Poltergeist/ Demon, See: [link] ; I took a more simplified background, the top is a small (or large) opening to a bright light source. I darkened his eyes using a red fine liner.

He was an extremely challenging subject to draw, and I'm glad it went well without having to retry or redo the entire drawing all over again.

Also he looked kinda lonely as the only thing in the drawing, so if you look real close, you can see I added in the host character of my comic strip, Dragoon's Den, located in my gallery, See: [link]

~This is a Fan Work, the character, Shinryu, is owned by SquareEnix~
nsrsm Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010
Interesting at how big he is that must mean Shinryu's nemesis Omega Weapon is also very big.
nsrsm Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010
Are you also going to draw omega weapon from ff5 as well?
DragoonMyuutsu Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I might because I was thinking about drawing him too when I was drawing up Shinryu a little while back. comparing the game sprites, Omega would be fairly, but not as big. Omega has its limitations for being mechanical (FF5 incarnation in particular), while Shinryu is a godlike entity.
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January 8, 2010
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