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Jason Mah
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a fantasy, surreal, video game, comic, and abstract artist. I tend to avoid realistic artwork which includes absolute perspective, human/ facial form and proportions, still-life and landscapes. Don't get me wrong they are perfectly genuine art forms; however, in my opinion they lack creative dynamics and flexibility. I particularly enjoy manga, anime, and 1980's and 90's animation/ cartoons.

I mostly submit fan artworks to my gallery. on rare occasions will I have different artworks to submit or I'll be using different mediums other than pencil. I'll try my best to update my gallery more often.

Favourite genre of music: Classical, Orchestral, JPop, Video Game, Electronic/ Techno
Favourite style of art: Sketching, Hand-Drawn (Traditional), Grey Markers
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character(s): Mew Duo
Personal Quote: Despair goes to those who accept Truth, Hope goes to those who ignore it.

Journal History

I was extremely busy all of April to speak out (or do anything fun), but I had to address my 2 cents on this issue even if it is late. Mewtwo once again finds himself being inhibited unfairly. While I can certainly commend the devs for getting him integrated into many of the modes available in Smash, even Street Smash for 3DS. The (temporary...?) absent custom moves is unacceptable given that every other Smash character has this customization option and likewise, so should DLC chars; which brings to mind that Lucas will undoubtedly suffer this same unjust exclusion. Because custom move options appear to still be present for Mewtwo given the bizarre occurrences with a randomly customized Mewtwo, there is a possibility that this oversight will get corrected. The problem being is that I'm forecasting that solution as a ANOTHER poor excuse to make us pay for those custom moves as DLC. Otherwise that Mewtwo Amiibo will be nothing more than just a default Mewtwo with stat boosts.

I've heard some argue that Mewtwo doesn't have custom moves because this DLC was rushed; however, Mewtwo was announced roughly half a year prior during that 50+ Extravaganza Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct to release so Smash Devs had PLENTY of time to get Mewtwo fully integrated, custom moves and all. There is absolutely no excuse for this and I regress back to my earlier journals: MEWTWO SET TO AWAKEN ON APRIL 15TH and MEWTWO STRIKES BACK!! where I stated that Mewtwo deserves more respect than this kind of treatment. Pokemon have such a vast library of moves that some have called blasphemy for ignoring Mewtwo's potential to have custom moves and I fully agree with them. Likewise for Lucas, MOTHER/ EarthBound is an RPG, so there is no reason why custom moves should not be possible for him either.

I'm not surprised that Mewtwo caused massive problems in Smash with several glitches, his inclusion was kinda of a tell-tale sign that Sakurai and Smash Devs originally had no intention of adding him but was overwhelmed by fan outcry (including from yours truly). This could also serve to prove that Mewtwo should've been in the default assembled roster from the get-go. Likewise the case for Lucas as well.

One bizarre glitch I saw online that was made into a gif is how I imagine what a REAL Mewtwo would do to the other Smash Characters in a single match. Psychic every foe off the stage and beyond.

Smash Devs better rectify this (obvious) missing custom move "oversight".

On Nintendo's front, they really need to fix this Amiibo retail nightmare. IGN's podcast which summarizes the April 1st Nintendo Direct, perfectly illustrates how terrible and how non-existent Nintendo has been selling their very desirable figurines. And how fans who wish to obtain Amiibos for the SAKE of OWNING said Amiibos, such as myself, are consistently throwing our hands in the air in frustration and feeling like trash.

The inexcusable stock of certain Amiibos are appalling and this is among the FIRST instances I've ever experienced preorders with limits AND the first time preorders with SINGLE digit limits. Spilling outwards to non-Amiibo products such as the Majora's Mask 3D Limited Edition with the Skull Kid figure which came to a grand total of 7 at the EB Games/ Gamestop I visited, gone in mere minutes upon opening shop unsurprisingly and I had to wait until I got off work like 6 hours later to check. Why does Nintendo insist on retailer exclusives is beyond everyone and no one was thrilled of that idea to begin with. Culminated with the fact that certain Amiibos being retailer exclusive, the respective Amiibo is not in greater stock AT THAT SPECIFIC RETAILER like the Super Mario Amiibos I see all too often for any retailer. Nintendo MAY have addressed the Amiibo crisis discretely based on the fact that Amiibo preorders appear literally out of the flying fludge of nowhere at retailers and online even outside the knowledge of the retailers themselves. Marketing them at times like 10am may have been another approach to repel the advances of scalpers and WOULD-BE scalpers; however, this also affects a great deal of other people, people who have to work, who have to go to school, who are preoccupied with daily errands to realize an opportunity is within grasp. I am perfectly fine without a Gold Mario Amiibo; however, upon getting home from work at around 5pm, checking my email to find a 10am Best Buy Reward Zone special offer to members to preorder this Amiibo. Thanks, this means nothing to me as the offer had already ran out, probably in a few minutes; while owning a Gold Mario Amiibo is not necessary for my collection, certainly obtaining one at regular price is not an opportunity I was willing to pass in order to add one to my collection. This doesn't quell scalpers if you think they are busy at 10am because guess what, scalping IS their day job, so they have perfectly viable time to monitor sites and stores completed OCDed to the eleventh. Nothing Nintendo has done (if any...) has benefited honest gamers, fans and collectors; they've only helped scalpers and bred a new, more ravenous breed of scalpers/ a-holes.

Europe and Japan suffer less of this garbage treatment NA gamers are suffering now, so exactly WHY does NA have to endure lower stock availability and retailer exclusives? I've seen UK sites where people can preorder Amiibo set to be released in September including the 3 Yarn Yoshi Amiibos; even before Japan. What the heck is happening in Nintendo's Amiibo front?

Diddy Kong is the only Amiibo I've noticed make a proper resurgence in stock from being a supposed limited release. I got SUPER LUCKY with Little Mac when an EB Games clerk pulled one out from behind the counter (out of NOWHERE it seems) and I was there expecting only to buy a Zelda Amiibo. That was the only time I felt there was a heavenly light helping me in my Amiibo collecting.

A workaround that unfortunately will not come to fruition (may be not even in another form) would've been to have used Club Nintendo to allow Nintendo gamers who ACTUALLY own a fair share of Nintendo games to get early access to preording Amiibos which helps ensure that at least gamers who have every desire to OWN and PLAY with an Amiibo can actually enjoy them. As Jose Otero put it, Amiibo unlock specific modes and features that Nintendo specially implemented into respective games with the intent that you can experience them, but that will never be if stores only have like fewer than 5 of that specific Amiibo readily available, so the marketing and production logic is simply unexplainable and inexcusable; going against all the paradigms of basic economics regarding Supply and Demand. Since Club Nintendo has pretty much been extinguished, will the NEW loyalty program work, who knows... but it certanily cannot help in the early front line (and potentially... ONLY) releases of specific Amiibos. If Nintendo doesn't believe that most of their fans and gamers would not collect all the Amiibos, they are dead wrong because Brian Altano puts it quite well in that Nintendo has specifically trained their gamers to be completionists, myself included; I feel like I have every need to finish a game 100% to fully experience a game albeit outside some exceptions such as completing the National Dex for EVERY Pokemon Game I own.

My guess is that at E3, 80% of the questions from gaming journalists will be WTH are you doing with this Amiibo crisis? Offering little to no time for them to present ANY new game thoroughly outside of a Nintendo Direct that MIGHT JUST AS WELL announce MORE Amiibos and Retailer Exclusives just for the SHEER HECK OF IT just so that more of their honest fans can SUFFER while they "apparently" sit back and do nothing.

I still support Nintendo, but this issue is something I cannot forget nor forgive. Mewtwo lacking Custom Moves bothers me as precisely that he is being inhibited unfairly again; however, I can at least appreciate the fact that I can play as him in a legit Smash game again with better stats. The Amiibo crisis on the otherhand is simply appalling. More often than enough I was forced to resort to getting them from Japan, several actually... from which I coined the term Japaniibo (as an Amiibo I got from Japan). I've probably dealt with some scalpers no doubt... unfortunately as have other Amiibo collectors.

I'm determined to see my collection through having come so far already (at least for the Smash Bros. run of Amiibos); however, I do not wish to endure more frustration at the sight of SINGLE DIGIT stock preorders and stock that vanish within microseconds of launch/ release.

Mewtwo (likely Lucas as well) and Honest Amiibo collectors deserve WAY more respect than the treatment they are receiving now. Were THESE the REAL April Fool's Jokes of that Nintendo Direct?


Not too long after I posted this journal, the following day this video showed up in my YouTube subscriptions page. Coincidence? Perhaps... however, I'm still skeptical. It is optimistic that Nintendo is finally breaking their silence on the abysmal Amiibo supply they've deployed, but I am, and always AM a cautious optimist. Nintendo hasn't exactly been on the bulls-eye... at all... in keeping Nintendo fans pleased with accessible Amiibos and the fact that it took them THIS long to finally go public is reason for doubt to linger among many. The promised restocking of (arguably) the first rare Amiibo, Marth was delayed much longer than they initially reported to the media, so it's not like Nintendo is fully capable of keeping their word, especially when it comes to Amiibos. There was no mention of completing removing the (stupid) practice of retail exclusive Amiibos that only served to plague NA shoppers, so chances are there will STILL be more announced in the future... for no logical reason. If they DID recognize the Amiibo issues... ANY at all... in the first place... then Ness, Greninja and Jigglypuff would NOT have been (proudly) revealed in the April Nintendo Direct as retailer exclusives and distancing themselves further from their fans here in NA. I'm already forecasting myself buying more Japaniibos in the future. I don't expect like 50 of EACH Amiibo to propagate each store, the shelf space obviously would not be able to accommodate this horde of figurines whose packaging is far from space-saving; might as well open a single dedicated store simply to SELL Amiibos then. What I would expect is that preorders to be readily AVAILABLE, and not present as a fludging SINGLE DIGIT quantity or a constrained store limit on preorders.

Will Nintendo follow through with this promise, reconnect and please their honest fans? Only time will tell if this apology and announcement is fulfilling or as empty as the Amiibo stock for nearly 80% of the released figurines.

Mewtwo - Sunset by DragoonMyuutsu[Cubicle Drawing 06] - Mega Mewtwo Y by DragoonMyuutsu[Cubicle Drawing 18] - Mega Mewtwo X by DragoonMyuutsuI Never Stopped Believing in You by DragoonMyuutsuLucas and Boney by DragoonMyuutsuBound for Conflict by DragoonMyuutsu
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  • Listening to: Super Smash Bros. Music
  • Reading: Pokemon Adventures
  • Watching: Kirby of the Stars
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros. 3DS/ Wii U

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